Regression Therapy

Regression to the past

Your story is an ancient one. Be willing to travel the roads of memory in this and other lifetimes so that you can begin to have a picture of the purpose of your life on earth. All that you have done and all that has been done to you has helped create that which you have become. Accept and integrate these things as you step deeper into yourself. As you do so the light that will illuminate the next stage of your journey will grow ever stronger.

Your Higher Self works constantly - turning life's experiences into precious nuggets - turning base metal into gold. The experiences you have had in the past have left indelible impressions on your energy fields which affect your everyday life. By remembering and releasing those patterns that no longer serve you - you gain a deeper understanding of the lessons you have already learnt and are shown the real purpose of this life and the challenges you have chosen to face at this time.

By by-passing the logical, judgemental part of the mind you are able to look at those experiences that it is important for you to become aware of at this time with the loving understanding and wisdom of your Higher Self. The often long held patterns that block your progress are revealed and released. Those entities that no longer serve you and which have remained within your energy field can also be dealt with.

Regression can:

  • reveal your life purpose
  • help to reconnect you to latent talents and skills
  • diffuse negative habits and behaviours
  • release irrational fears and aversions
  • Help to remove old and outdated emotions and attitudes
  • Help make life easier, better and more fulfilling
  • Create a better understanding of others


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